Открытый урок 7 класс

Открытый урок по технологии Суртаевой Н.Н. по английскому языку в 7 классе на тему «Sport»

Используемая технология – диалоговая взаимопомощь.

Учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ № 311 с углубленным изучением физики

Евдокимова Татьяна Петровна.


-изучить новую тему

-совершенствовать умения работы в парах


-совершенствовать навыки чтения и понимания основного содержания;

-активизация навыков передачи основного содержания прочитанного своему собеседнику;

-активизация навыков письменной речи;

-активизация навыков составления монолога исходя из прослушанной информации.

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент.

- Good morning boys and girls! Let’s start our lesson. As you know today we have an unusual lesson. Today we should work at new technology during the whole our lesson. And as you can see on the blackboard the theme of our lesson is “Sport”.

-Of course you know that there are many different kinds of sports. All over the world people go in for sports in order to be healthy and to keep fit themselves. You know that there are such sports as basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, badminton, different kinds of racing, football, rugby and etc. But in order to know more about sport I suggest you to work such a way:

-you can see that on your desks there are many different cards. What you should do with them. Card number one (texts): you should read and understand the main information (if you want you may put down some information on your list of paper which is empty) and after the reading and understanding the text you should retell your information from your card to your neighbour. Card number two (questions according to the texts): during the listening you should find out the questions which suit to the text you to listen and answer these questions (you may write your answers right here next to the questions). Card number three: you can see that on this list of paper there is a list of English words with their translations which you can find in the text. Card number four: on this card there are essential phrases which help you not to speak Russian. Card number five: this is a plan of your writing a monologue at home (at home you should write down a monologue using all information which you’ll get during the lesson) and the theme of your monologue of course will be “Sport”.

-As speak about cards that’s all.

-Now let’s speak about a signal which you should give me when you will be ready. You see that on your desks there is one more card with the word ‘ready’ on one side and no any words on the other side. When you’ll be ready you should face this card with the word ‘ready’ to me and such a way I’ll understand that your pair is ready.

-Than when you will retell your information to each other and do all tasks you should change your places as you can see on the scheme of movement on the blackboard (pupil number one doesn’t move)






       1                                2

             6             3

             5             4




. You’ll move when I see that all pairs are ready and I say that you may change your places. And you should move so many times in order then you will take your own seats again not forgetting to retell your text to your neighbours and do all tasks.

-Ok. As everything is clear you may start……………………………………….

-Ok. The time is over and our lesson too. Thank you for your attention and don’t forget to write a monologue “Sport” at home.

-Good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Card №1


   People all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit, more organized and better disciplined. It unites people of different classes and nationalities. Many people do sports on their personal initiative. They go in for skiing, skating, table tennis, swimming, volleyball, football, bodybuilding, etc. All necessary facilities are provided for them: stadiums, sport grounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, skiing stations, football fields. Sport is paid much attention to in our educational establishments. Gymnastics is a part of children’s daily activity in the kindergartens. Physical culture is a compulsory subject at schools and colleges. Professional sport is also paid much attention to in our republic. There are different sporting societies clubs and complexes. The most famous of them are the Olympic complexes Luzhniki, Dynamo stadium, etc. They are used for international and world competitions. Practically all kinds of sports are popular in our republic but football, gymnastics and tennis enjoy the greatest popularity.

Card №1

   National sports in Great Britain…It’s a very interesting question, because many kinds of sport have taken origin in England. The Englishmen love sports, they era called sports-lovers in spite of the fact that some of them neither play games nor ever watch them. They only like to speak about it. Some kinds of sport are professional in England. Popular and famous players have a lot of money.

   Many traditional sporting contests take place in England, for example, cricket. It is played from May till September. This game is associated with England. There are many cricket clubs in this country. English people like to play cricket. They think that the summer without cricket isn’t summer. Cricket is the English national sport in summer. If you want to play cricket you must wear white boots, a white shirt and white long trousers. There are two teams. Each team has eleven players. Cricket is popular in boy’s schools. Girls play cricket too.

Card 1 

   Football. It has got a long history. Football was played by the whole village teams in the middle ages in England. Now football is the most popular game in Britain. It is a team game. There are some amateur teams but most of the teams are professional ones in England. Professional  football  is a big business. Football is played at school too. If we speak  about football we can mention an interesting fact in American football, called soccer. The captain of the team must be the oldest or best player.

   Rugby football. Rugby football is a style of football named after Rugby School in the United Kingdom. You can see a ball in this game, but it’s not round. It is oval. This is a team game. There are fifteen players in each team. It is a popular game in England. There are many amateur rugby football teams.

   Table tennis. Englishmen heard about table tennis in 1880. Then the International Table Tennis Association was formed and the international rules were worked out. Many people like to play tennis. This game is played by men and women too. There are some tennis club in England, but if you go and play there it is necessary to pay money for it. Englishmen like to play tennis but many of them prefer to watch this game.

Card №1

Wimbledon. It is the centre of lawn tennis. Some years ago Wimbledon was a village, now it is a part of London and you can see All-England Tennis Club there.

   Englishmen pay much attention to swimming, rowing and walking. Usually the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race takes place at the end of March or at the beginning of April. It is an interesting contest between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. It is usually held on the Thames river. The first such race was held in 1820. There were a lot of people watching this race.

   There are some racing competitions in England. They are motor-car racing, dog-racing, donkey racing, boat racing, horse – racing. All kinds of racing are popular in England. It is interesting to see the egg and spoon racing. The runner, who takes part in this competition, must carry an egg in a spoon. It is not allowed to drop the eggs.

   We must speak about the Highland Games in Scotland. All competitors wear Highland dress. There are such competitions as putting the weight, tossing the caber and others. The English are great lovers of sports.

Card №1

   The Olympic Games have a very long history. It is a very old tradition in the world of sports. History tells us that the tradition began more than two thousand years ago, in Greece. These games  were only for men. It was twenty eight century ago in 776. All the cities sent their best athletes to the city of Olympus to compete in the games. During the Olympic Games all wars between the cities stopped and the people lived in peace. The Olympic Games are the favourite sports of all countries. Running, high — jumping, gymnastics, football, basketball, swimming, skiing, skating and other sports that young people in all countries go in for.  And  also the Olympic Games are a major international event of summer and winter sports, in which thousands of athletes compete in a wide variety of events.   At first there were only the Summer Games. Then the Winter Games for ice and snow sports were created, further the Paralympic Games for people with physical disabilities, and the Youth Olympic Games for teenagers. The Olympic Games take place every four years. The Olympic Games Committee decides the place of the Olympic Games and the sports that the athletes will compete in.

Card №1

Sport in Our Life

 Modern life becomes more and more technological. People walk little. They prefer to drive cars. They don’t climb up the stairs. It’s much more convenient to use an elevator. Moreover our life is full of stresses that make us weak and nervous. It’s evident that sport is a necessity for the entire society nowadays.  First of all, it gives us health. Jogging in the morning helps significantly to avoid the risk of heart attack. For the second, it makes us slim and beautiful. For the most of young people it is even more important to correspond to the fashion trends of beauty than to be healthy.  For the third, it gives us pleasure. I believe that every man in the world can find for himself the kind of sport which gives to him an incredible pleasure. For somebody it will be wind-surfing, for the other football, and it can also be chess for the other one.  Sport is an important part of just about every society, every country, and every part of our planet

Card №2

Questions according to the texts

Write down answers during the listening of information.

  1. What do people like all over the world? And what do them make healthy and keep them fit?


  1. What kinds of sports do people go in for?



  1. Name the places where people can go in for sports.


  1. What kind of sports is a children’s daily activity in the kindergartens?



  1. What kind of sports is a children’s daily activity at schools and colleges?


  1. What the most famous sporting societies and complexes are there in our republic?



  1. What is the name of the Englishmen who like sports?


  1. What is the country where cricket is usually played?



  1. When is cricket usually played in England?


  1. What do the Englishmen think about cricket?



  1. What do people wear when they play cricket?


  1. In England girls play cricket as boys, don’t they?



  1. How many players are there in cricket?


  1. Who plays football in the middle ages in England?



  1. In England professional football is a big business, isn’t it?


  1. What is the name of American football?



  1. What is the name of one of the sport where the ball is oval?


  1. How many players are there in rugby?



  1. When did people hear about table tennis at the first time?


  1. What association formed the rules in table tennis?



  1. Men and women play table tennis, don’t they?


  1. What is it Wimbledon? And where is it played?



  1. What kinds of racing are there in England?


  1. Where did the history of Olympic Games begin, what’s the country?



  1. Who could compete in the Olympic Games?


  1. What about wars when the Olympic Games started? Were they put off?



  1. What are the sports held during the Olympic Games?


  1. What kind of the Olympic Games do you know?



  1. What is the official name of the Olympic Games for people with physical disabilities?


  1. What is the period when the Olympic Games are taken place?



  1. What helps people to be healthy?


  1. What kind of sport helps people to avoid the risk of heart attack?



  1. What gives pleasure to some of people?


  1. Sport is an important part of just about every society, every country, and every part of our planet, isn’t it?
















Card №3                       Words and their translations to the texts




to be fond of-нравиться


to keep somebody fit-быть в форме

to unite-объединять

personal initiative-личная инициатива

to go in for sports-заниматься спортом

necessary facilities-необходимые возможности(способности)

to provide-оснащать, обеспечивать

sport grounds-спортивные площадки

skating rinks-каток

to pay much attention to-обращать огромное внимание на

educational establishments-образовательные учреждения

daily activity-ежедневная занятость(ежедневные занятия)

kindergarten-детский сад

physical culture-физическая культура (физкультура)

societies clubs-общественные клубы

complexes-комплексы(спортивные комплексы)

to enjoy-получать удовольствие ,наслаждаться

to take origin-впервые появиться

in spite of the fact-не смотря на…

contests-спорить,состязаться..спор, соревнование

to be associated-ассоциироваться

village teams-команда из деревни(деревенская команда)

middle ages-средние века


to mention-упоминать

soccer-американский футбол

to hear (heard)-слышать(услышали)

Table Tennis Association –Ассоциация настольного тенниса

heart  attack-сердечный приступ

to avoid-избегать



to be formed (was formed)-сформировать (был сформирован)

international rules-международные правила

it necessary to pay money-необходимо платить деньги

to prefer-предпочитать


boat Race-гонка на лодках(лодочная гонка)

at the end-в конце

 at the beginning- в начале

to held on –проходить, проводить

Thames river-Река Темза (Англия)


to take part-принимать участие

to carry-проводить, проходить(о соревнованиях)

to allow-позволять, разрешать

to drop-бросать

putting the weight-тяжелая атлетика(поднятие тяжестей)

to wear-носить



to compete-соревноваться

during-в течении

in peace-мирно

a major international event-главное международное событие

in a wide variety of events-огромное разнообразие событий

were created-были изобретены


to climb up the stairs-подниматься по лестнице

an elevator-эскалатор

moreover-тем не менее(более того)

jogging-прогулка (медленная прогулка ,бег трусцой)



incredible pleasure-незабываемое удовольствие


Card №4

Useful phrases

Repeat ones again, please!-Повтори еще раз, пожалуйста!

Wait for a moment!-Одну минуточку!

No so quickly, please!- Не так быстро!

Help me, please!-Помоги (помогите) мне, пожалуйста!

Translate, please!- Переведи (переведите), пожалуйста!

Repeat please, from the beginning!-Повтори пожалуйста, сначала!

Give me a prompt, please!-Подскажи (подскажите), пожалуйста!

Repeat this sentence ones again, please!-Повтори это предложение еще раз, пожалуйста!


Card №5

Plan to the writing a monologue

  1. Sports all over the world.
  2. Kinds of sport.
  3. Sporting complexes in our country.
  4. National Sports in Great Britain.
  5. Cricket.
  6. Football. American football.
  7. Rugby football.
  8. Table tennis.
  9. Wimbledon.
  10. Kinds of racing.
  11. The Olympic Games.
  12. Sport in our life.




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