Word - building (задание по подготовке к ЕГЭ)



1. Adventure holidays are popular because they offer plenty of (1)______. They are great fun, but can be very challenging. They give (2)_____ teenagers a chance to take part in many sporting (3)_____. If you take an adventure holiday, make sure that all of your (4)_____ are experienced. If you discover that any of the staff are (5)_____, do not go out with them. Check that the center provides all the (6)______ equipment that you need. Helmets and torches, which may seem (7)______ and pointless can make the difference between life and (8)_____ if there is an accident. Remember that although activities sounds very (9)____ in a book or on TV, they may be much less fun in (10)____. Bungee-jumping is an incredible experience, but also very (11)___.


(1) excite 2- energy 3- active 4- instruct 5- quality 6- safe 7- necessary 8- die 9- attract 10- real 11- frighten



2. The street party is a popular form of (1)____ in Britain. Whole streets come together to mark such important (2)____ occasions as a new millennium. Clearly it is (3)____ to hold a party in a busy street, so traffic is banned. This may annoy motorists but it is (4)____. Streets parties need the (5)____ of as many people as possible. They (6)____ people who live in cities to unite as a community just as they would in a (7)____ small village or town. Street parties are simple, (8)____ affairs, which involve a great deal of eating, drinking, dancing and general (9)____. There should be games so that small children do not get bored and (10)____. There should also be plenty of good music to (11)____ the teenagers to stand around.


1 – celebrate, 2 – nation, 3 – possible, 4 – avoid, 5 – involve, 6 – able, 7 – tradition, 8 – complicate, 9 – enjoy, 10 – behave, 11 – courage.



3. Malaria is one of the most common (1)____ diseases in the world. So far the only kind of (2)____ implemented by the affected countries has been distributing mosquito nets and basic medicines. (3)____ and doctors have been working on a malaria vaccine for many years. However, although all vaccines produced so far have shown good results on monkeys their (4)____ in tests on humans was far less (5)____. Research on the malaria vaccine arouses (6)____ interest in African, Asian, and South American countries, where malaria is (7)____ a most dangerous disease causing (8)____ loss of life and (9)____ problems. Everybody is then (10)____ waiting for good news about (11)____ trails of a new medicine as the future costs of malaria spreading are indeed (12)____.


1 – infect, 2 – prevent, 3- science, 4- effect, 5 – impress, 6 – consider, 7 – economy, 8 – patience, 9 – economy, 10 – patience, 11 – success, 12 – predict.