Тестовые задания по английскому языку для учащихся 5-ых классов. Грамматика.


English test.

I. Complete as an example.
e.g. A pen- Two pens
1. A bus- ten …
2. A woman- two …
3. A fish- three …
4. A photo- five …
5. A lady- four …
6. A girl- six …
7. A mouse- nine …
8. A toy- three …
9. A knife- ten … 
10. A tomato- four …

II. Change to the plural as in the example
e.g. That is an ox. Those are oxen
1. I’m a student. …
2. She is a woman. …
3. This is a goose. …
4. He is a policeman. …
5. That is a big monkey. …
6. It is a guitar. …
7. It is a nice baby. …

III. Fill in with “some”, “any” or “a”
e.g. There are some glasses on the table.
1. Is there … milk in the fridge?
2. There is … water in the glass.
3. Would you like … biscuit?
4. There isn’t … Coke in the bottle.
5. Are there … students in the classroom?
6. There aren’t … tomatoes on the plate.

IV. Fill in: There is or There are
1. … some cats in the garden.
2. … some milk in the bottle.
3. … some cheese on the table.
4. … a chair in the room.
5. … some bread in the cupboard.

V. Fill in “how much” or “how many”
e.g. How many apples are there in the bag?
1. … money have you got?
2. … girls are there in your class?
3. … milk is there?
4. … people can you see?
5. … meat do you want? 

VI. Fill in “at”, “in” or “on” as in the example.
e.g. in December
1. … midnight
2. … 1984
3. … June 26th
4. … Monday
5. … Easter
6. …10 o’clock
7. … winter
8. … noon
9. … morning
10. … Sunday afternoon

VII. Complete the sentences as in the example.
1. e.g. John is … than Jim (tall)
2. John is taller than Jim.
3. Tina is … than her brother. (short)
4. Sally is … girl in the class( beautiful)
5. Bert is … of all. (tall)
6. A dog is … than a cat. (clever)
7. Don is … student in the class. (good)
8. David gets … money than Tom(little)
9. Your bag is … than mine. (heavy)

VIII. Fill in yesterday, tomorrow, at the moment, every morning, last year
1. We went to Paris for our holidays …
2. She is going to stay at home …
3. They are walking in the garden …
4. He gets up very early …
5. They went to the cinema …

IX. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or present continuous.
1. David…(wash) the car at the moment.
2. My sister …(do) her homework in the evening.
3. My brother usually …(go) to the cinema at the weekend.
4. John …(tidy) his room now.
5. We usually … (wake up) at seven o’clock.
6. I …(play) computer games on Saturdays.

X. Put the verbs into the past simple.
1. I …(not/eat) breakfast this morning 
2. They …(go) to the cinema last night.
3. She …(see) him in town last week.
4. My father …(buy) a new car a month ago. ve
5. We …(swim) in the sea for two hours.
6. He …(not/drive) to work yesterday.
7. Ann … (come) home late from work yesterday.

XI. Cross out the wrong verb.
e.g. Nick has/had a cold yesterday
1. Chip was/were a good dog last week.
2. Mr. Bell wasn’t/weren’t at home last week.
3. Jenny was/were in Scotland last summer.
4. Was/were Nick & Jenny on holiday in Spain?

XII. Use the verbs in brackets to make questions
e.g. Sharks eat fish(What)
What do sharks eat?
1. The party finished at ten o’clock (When)
2. Nick watches television every day (Who)
3. This jacket is Tom’s (Whose)
4. Nick has got ten computer games (How many)
5. The boys always play football in the park (Where)
6. The girls are dancing now. (Who)
7. He doesn’t live in Moscow. (Where)
8. Yesterday we were at the Zoo.(Where)

XIII. Reading comprehension. Read the text. 
Choose the right answer to the questions. `
Brother and Sister.
Once there was a man who had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was good-looking, but the girl was not. 

One day they found a mirror and for the first time saw what they looked like. The boy was very glad. He said to the sister, "What a nice face I have! I look much nicer, than you do!!! "

The girl did not like what he said. She was very angry with him and began to beat him. Their father saw them and said to the boy, «You must always be as good, as you look.» And to the girl he said, «My dear, if you help anyone, people will love you!»

1. Who was good-looking?
a) brother b) sister. c) father

2. How did the boy feel when he saw what they looked like?
a) sorry for his sister b) happy c) angry

3. Who was the girl angry with?
a) father b)mirror c) brother

4. What did father say?
a) «…if you help anyone, people will love you! …»
b) «… it's better to be good-looking, than to be good …»
c) «… it's better to throw away the mirror …»

XIV. Writing. Write how you celebrated your last birthday.