" At the English Lesson"

At the English Lesson

My name is ________. I am a pupil of the fifth form. I study at school number 311.

I would like to tell you about the lesson of the English language.

The pupils of our school learn two languages: Russian and English.

I have my English three times a week.

I have English on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. English is usually the third lesson. During the lesson we listen to the tape recorder, ask each other questions and speak out on what we have heard. Sometimes it is a story, sometimes it is a dialogue or a conversation. They are not very long but they are always very interesting. At the English lesson we usually speak, read and write. We speak about school, pupils and teachers, about lessons, animal, nature, about our friends, sports and games. We read books and stories about children, nature, school life and so on. We write letters, words, sentences, exercises and dictations. We play at English, too. We sing songs and learn poems and tongue twisters.

I like English. I can read and write well, but I can’t speak English well yet.