Подготовка к ЕГЭ. Сочинение

Примерные темы сочинений (opinion essay)

1. Living in a city is beneficial.

2. Studying abroad is better for specialists.

3. Part-time work and studying is better for future carrier.

4. Learning some subjects at school is a waste of time.

5. Smoking is bad but a lot of teenagers do it.

6. Cultural differences cause problems. It is better to stay home rather than emigrate.

7. Some people claim to have seen the UFOs, others believe they exist only in science fiction.

8. Freedom of press is one of the democratic values. Some people suffer from journalistic mistakes.

9. Teenagers are supposed to live on their own.

10.Watching TV is not healthy.

11.Men withstand age better than women and remain attractive longer.

12.Different technical devices do more harm than good. but it is impossible to live without them nowadays.

13.Schools and parents require their pupils to wear school uniform. Students usually dislike this.

14.Pop-stars and their high salaries (income) are unjustified comparing with "ordinary" professions.

15.Children and teenagers have too much free time.

16.We should exploit nature for our better life.

17.Spending money on your pets is a waste of money.

18.Some people prefer doing extreme sports and taking risks.

19.Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish.

20.Traditional music of a country is more important for teenagers than foreign music.

21.It is impossible to solve problems of drugs and alcohol, so it is appropriate to send young drug-users to prison.

22.New technological development has changed people's lives and all the changes haven't been positive.

23.Billions of dollars are spent on space exploration projects, while we have a lot of problems on the Earth.

24.Many people watch soap operas because they find them enjoyable and realistic.

25.Some people prefer to eat out. However, many people still like to cook meals at home.