Подготовка к ВПР в 11 классе

Put the words in the correct form

A noble decision

     On March 2, 1786, the duchess Maria ____ (walk)  alone a charity bazaar in Moscow when the hall accidentally caught fire. Flames ___ (spread) to the paper decorations and wooden walls at once.  Many buildings ___ (damage) by fire. In the hideous panic that followed, many women and children ___ (run) away.  Some rescuers reached the ditches, who had remained calmly seated. “Because of my title, I was the ___(one)  to enter here. I ___ (be) the  last to go out”, she said, rejecting their offer of help.



 Match the titles and the texts.

  1. Economy    2. Climate   3. Tourist attractions   4. Media   5. Citizens   6. Government
  2. Saint Petersburg is Russia’s second-largest city after Moscow, with five million inhabitants in 2017. During the 20th century, the city experienced dramatic population dropped to less than 740,000by 1920 during the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Russian Civil War.
  3. St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, being two different federal subjects, share a number of local departments of federal executive agencies and courts, such as court of arbitration, police, and other federal services.
  4. The average maximum temperature in July is 23C, and the average minimum temperature in February is -8.5C. From December to March there are 118 days average with snow cover, which reaches an average snow depth of 19 cm by February.
  5. St Petersburg is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as an area with 36 historical architectural complexes and around 4,000 outstanding individual monuments of architecture, history and culture. New tourist programs and sightseeing tours have been developed for those wishing to see St Petersburg’s cultural heritage.
  6. St Petersburg is a major trade gateway, serving as the financial and industrial centre of Russia, specializing in oil and gas trade. The city has three large cargo seaports: Bolshoi Port Saint Petersburg, Kronshtadt, and Lomonosov.


Use of English

   The Brown family finances ___(1.not be) very good, but they placed great hopes on Jack Brown’s latest tour. When he ___(2.come) home one night in January, the family gathered around to welcome gim and offer him food and drink. Then he ___(3.ask) by his daughter Jane if they paid him money. Slowly Jack Brown ___(4.draw) out  his pocketbook and displayed its content -  a single dollar. “Another year I shall I shall do better”, he said. There ___(5.be) a stunned hush in the group around him. Then Mrs Brown flung ___(6.she) arms around his neck and said stoutly, “I call that doing very well.”

     It is ___(7) to imagine Moscow without a metro system today. Its aim is to___ (8) the city center with the industrial and residential areas. The Moscow Metro is sometimes called an underground city with its ___(9) landmarks. The idea to ___(10) an underground railway in Moscow was proposed half a century before the project actually began. Opened in 1935 with one 11-kilometre line and 13 stations, it was the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union. Today, the metro is reaching the most ___(11) districts thus making the life easier. Many interchanges have appeared beyond the Circle Line, they ___(12) to optimize traffic flow and allow passengers to get around Moscow without going to the centre.

a)remote, b)impossible, c)own, d)build, e)get,  f)help,  g)connect,  h) small (2 словавэтомспискелишние)